A straightforward way to choose a color..


Common color models : RGB , HSV ,  HSL , YUV ,CMYK

Real time color capture from camera ( May not work with all phones )

SD Card picture color capture

Gives color names ( html colors )  . Colro chart can be replaced by your own chart or a commercial one , using a simple .csv text file.

Its a standard Android Market application. It will use the active locale ( French or English available ).  
Alternatively, youn can  do a direct download . If you have never done a direct install , here is a tutorial .


Color palette

Select the desired color model on the top then press the color fields to ajust the color.
The color reference will show up at the bottom in ARGB format.
You can also manually enter the ARBG value and see the color. Besides will show up the color name.


Camera based color capture

For real time color capture , press the camera icon.


Not all phone can use this feature .Just try it..
However , if your phone does not qualify , application may hang or crash and require to reboot the phone to reset
the camera driver.

Htc Wildfire S : Working
Htc Tattoo      : Not Working

Capture in the rectangle the region you want to know the color of.
You can shrink or expand the rectangle by touching the screen. Keeping rectangle small is recommended.
As it involves less calculation , is more battery friendly.

The average color is displayed at the bottom right corner , next to the nearest color name. By clicking the 'sun' icon,
you can switch the camera flash on/off.
Click on the color name to capture the color so that you can edit it in the color palette screen.

You may then can press the phone 'back arrow' to go back to the main screen , which now displays this color as well as then name of the closest color.
This feature can help color blind people to assign a name to a color.

SD card image color capture

Click on the 'RGB' tab and press the SD Card shaped icon. A file browser will open.


Scroll down to the 'sdcard' folder , long press it to enter the folder. You may exit a folder by clicking on the arrow on top of the screen.
Click on the image you wish to analyze. You are then taken to a screen wich looks like the camera color capture screen,

You may resize the color capture rectangle as before.
Also 1 tap on the screen switches between rectangle resize mode and rectangle translation mode. This way you may move the color capture cursor
at the right place.

Custom color chart

The built-in color names are usefull for a web designer as they are the official 'html' color names.
However , you may different needs.

- A color blind people may only need to know if something is close to red, green , blue or white. And many intermediary color names may be confusing.

- If you are a painter , you may want to use official color palettes , or internal color names from your company.

- You may just want to see the colors in your own locale ( Thai , Japanese , .. ) which are not supported by default

Let's write a simple example.

To define a chart , edit a text file. Give it a name that ends with .csv.
Say we define 'colormap.csv'

The file structure is simple. Its a list of rows , where each rows has 2 cells. The first cell is the color name , and the second cell gives the color RGB components.

The text file has to be UTF-8 format. The default Microsoft windows format is different but will work if you are not using special characters.
UTF-8 is required for proper French , and non latin chartset. You can find converters on the web.

Lets define 4 colors. The color picker will then match the closest of those 4 colors when it want to display a color name.

Its red!,#FF0000
So green!,#00FF00

For instance , row 0 states that #FF0000 ( that is red=FF ( hexadecimal )  , green = 0 , blue = 0 )

When done , write this file on your phone Sd Card. Open the color picker and get to the configuration screen ,using the button menu.


Click the circled arrow to choose the color map on the Sd Card directory.

Exit the color picker , restart it. Now it uses your color scheme!


The closest color from this pink variant is red , so it writes 'its red!' which is defined in our .csv file.

To revert to the default color map , erase the file name in the text field ( empty string with 0 characters )


Common color schemes in printing industry are RAL and Pantone ( PMS ). Those scheme are not bundled in the application as their respective companies
claim intellectual property right for the color list.

About quality

- This application is spyware free 
- For Android 1.5 and higher.