This straighrforward tool is mainly about scanning , using , storing and displaying barcodes and QR codes.This software is intended for non technical users
for every day's life. In short , those codes have multiples usages ( email/phone contact sharing , product identification , wifi configuration ... )
See possible usage scenarios below.

This is a free application. ,  spyware free  , for Android 1.5 and higher.



Common QR codes ( like the one in the middle picture on this page ) , or barcodes can be scanned.


You can store  the codes scanned in a virtual wallet for a later use , in the same way as you store fidelity cards in your wallet.
Well known code content is interpreted to suggest a sensible default name which you can always rename afterwards.

A dedicated section is devoted to phone/email contacts , which can be synchronized with your GMail account.


Its possible to render a code from the wallet in full screen on your phone , so that your phone actually replaces all your fidelity cards.
For this , we recommend you display in landscape mode ( higher chances of success of a scan ) and set brightness to the maximum.
Should the cashier not be able to scan the screen , the barcode value is still displayed below so that it can be manually typed.

You may either download from the official Android Market store . If you already have an account , its the easiest way. Alternatively,
youn can  do a direct download . If you have never done a direct install , here is a tutorial .

The appplication will use the active locale ( French or English are the officially supported ones )

Features details

Quickly connect to a new Wifi network

Share / Synchronize Contacts ( phone , email ... )

Download / Purchase Android Market Applications

Virtualize your fidelity cards

Display a Google Maps Location

Data export


The spanner icon takes you to a configuration screen.

'Android Market' tells what action to take after an android market link scan.

You can choose between :
ask    :     a pop up will ask you if you wish to navigate to the android market.
display:    there will be no popup , the android market link will be automatically used
ignore:      nothing will happen , you just the the scan result screen.

'Android Market' tells what action to take after an http resource scan  ( a web page address , an image , a mp3 file )

If your Android version allows it , you will also have the opportunity to modify the camera and preview resolution.
Increasing the resolution improves scan reliability while increasing processing time. Click on the desired resolution.
Click again to switch back to default.

Technical hints

- For barcode scan , you need a camera with autofocus feature , and it works much better when you scan in landscape mode.

- If the software seems not to detect camera orientation and you have just purchased your phone, you might have forgotten to calibrate your accelerometer.

- The ideal distance between camera and barcode seems to vary significatively from one phone to another  and , the closer this not always the
   better. So may i suggest you try a few ranges between 2cm and 50 cm.

- Qrcode scan is robust to image rotation , whereas barcode is not. Here is a standard situation that works on HTC Wildfire S


About quality

- This application is spyware free .
- For Android 1.5 and higher.