This is an extended Android software keyboard, which you can use like the standard Android keyboard , for any application.


- Text shortcut definition for simple or parameterized text templates.

  You wont't waste your time writing the same thing again and again. ( favorite web address , email address ,  parameterized SMS , ...)

- Integrated QR code and barcode scanner.

   Scan an item bar code and it will directly be written into the currently edited text field.

- Password safe

    Makes loggin to an application ( any ) very quick. Select the password from a secured password list . ( password semi-autofill )
- Several keyboard themes available

- Secure

    Keyboard does not have internet access permission, so Android operating system won't let private data entered via this keyboard going through
    the internet..

    Password safety box requires a PIN ( personnal identification number ) to be open and its content is stored encrypted ( AES 128 bits
    algorithm ) on the phone.

Its a standard Android Market application. It will use the active locale ( French or English available ).  

One downloaded , you need to enable this IME softkeyboard from the settings menu, as follows.
The snapshots are from an HTC Wildfire S. With other devices however, setup should be quite similar.
Navigate to your phone setup screen ( green  toothed wheel icon)


Upon successfull installation , you should see 'Macro Keyboard'. Check the checkbox and accept
the securiy warning message. Now the keyboard is registered by the system. You may disable
it at any time by unchecking the box.

Upon first usage , please allow a few seconds for the license check. That will only happen once after install.

Switching between keyboards

By default , any of your application uses the default system keyboard. So you have to ask the application
you are using to switch from the default to the 'Macro Keyboard' It has to be done once , simply long press
any editable  text field presented by your application.

Below we opened the 'Messages' application.

See that upon long press , a small popup opens , with 'Input method'. Click on this icon.
Then select 'Macro Keyboard' , as shown on  the right hand side image.
That's it! Now your application uses the 'Macro Keyboard'
Should you need to switch back  to the default keyboard , just apply the same procedure.

Online update

At least on HTC Wildfire S, it looks you need to switch back to another keyboard before upgrading , then switch back again to this one.

Features details


Password safety box

Barcode / qr code scanner 

Keyboard skins

About quality

- This application is spyware free , ads free.
- For Android 1.5 and higher.